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Senin, 15 November 2010

Online Currency PayBox New Arrivals

banner adsFriend would have known very well with PAYPAL, ALERTPAY, LIBERTY or the other. This time I introduce a newcomer to online currency that is PAYBOX. At this stage of pre-launch Paybox provide something more for us to be mengguanakannya. Here I would like to propose the subject of Paybox, which I quoted from the blog and official website.


Why you should join today ...
* You start with a balance of $ 25 and free.
* PayBox will add up to $ 20 per day to your account that have participated in preparing PayBox launch new services.
* You get $ 10 per invite one person to join.
* You will be user-EarlyBird before PayBox open to the public.
* You will help shape the development of payment systems the best ever designed for the Internet.
* You can have hundreds or thousands of dollars in your account when we started, without ever making a deposit!


PayBox is an online payment tool and is now in its early stages and is in developing. Offer payment processing services in online purchase transactions easier, safer and available to everyone.

We are designing our services with the help of a dedicated group of your EarlyBird users who contributed ideas and feedback.

Stages of development is planned to start in 2011:

* Individuals for personal transactions.
* Small Business integrated.
* Business medium scale integrated.
* Online Business and integrated large scale.
* PayBox Debit Cards linked to your account.
* Currency exchange with all major world currencies.


As a user of PayBox EarlyBird, your task is:

* Log in as often as possible to see where we need your help. Each time you log on and complete a survey we give you rewards that directly into your account balance.
* Participate. Sharing opinions and do tasks that you can do anywhere in your home or office computer.
* Subscribe to our blog. Our blog is the main channel that we use to communicate news, updates and information to our members EarlyBird.
* Be an advocate. You can invite your good friends and family to join PayBox.

We will continue to add new task for you as it grows PayBox. In each new task that you can always choose to participate (and get rewarded) or not.

For us you determine whether or not PayBox big. For it than we put an ad at a cost of millions of dollars better we dedicate to you as a determinant of growth and development PayBox the future. "

That is an excerpt from the blog and official website What is it and how to register Paybox Paybox more please mate to join and learn more in HERE.

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